Tom Clancy's The Division

War video games: CSGO, Rainbow Six, Starcraft, Division, World Of Tanks, Dota 2...

This is the place for the best war games. CSGO, Rainbow Six, Starcraft, Division, World Of Tanks, DOta 2, and much more. What will you find here? New maps, characters, weapons, and game modes!


The Division fails: non stop laughing

If you have played or watched gameplay of Tom Clancy’s – The Division, you know that there are things to love, and things to hate. Here we go with some fails that we hope you will enjoy!


The biggest The Division idiots revealed

We finally see who the biggest idiots in The division are, and the results may surprise you. It’s taking stupidity in the Dark Zone to a whole new level. In this episode of The Division, we just wanna have fun!

The Division: the best ways to survive

The Division! Welcome to a next-gen experience in a dynamic open world environment where exploration and player progression are essential. Here are the game’s best plays! Enjoy with this highlights recap.