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The CS:GO kings: S1mple, Dev1ce and NiKo

S1mple, Dev1ce and NiKo were the best 2018 CS:GO players! The Ukrainian was ranked 1st for frags, damage & KDD, while Dev1ce was the best CT side player. What about NiKo? He won two MVP medals in 2018!


How to reack CS:GO global rank?

How to get better at CS:GO as fast as possible. NPG is going to be showing you some new and fast tips to get better at CS:GO and reach global rank

Smartest CS:GO boosts, grenades & strats

A compilation of some of the best and smartest worldwide CS:GO boosts, grenades, strats, or just teamplays in general. Contemplate these spectacular players

When players go mad of funny moments

When players are mad in CS:GO! Stream Highlights, Funny Moments, Epic Clutch, Pro Plays, rage compilation! Leave a like and and follow our compilation!

Pro moments: the CS:GO masters

A compilation of lucky and unlucky pro moments – hitting an awp shot but being unlucky and leaving your enemy on 1hp or calculate the perfect headshot

The most funny highlights: CS:GO is here!

CS:GO Danger Zone Battle Royale is here! Here are the funny moments & highlights from the first day that its out! Including Shroud, Hazed, n0thing…

Best pro plays: the CS:GO skills land

A compilation of the best PRO plays from the recent tournaments What do you think about the highlights? Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below!

Funny snipers: the CS:GO epic party

Worst Epic Fails by CSGO Pros during the last years! Enjoy the best plays, highlights, oddshots, funny moments, win & fail clips & insane plays!

An epic fails party: the hilarious CS:GO

This is the funniest CS:GO video on the Internet. On NPG we love editing recap episodes about the best CS:GO reactions. When you think you are winning, and then somebody kills you… Imagine how you can react!

The smartest moves: a CS:GO manual

A compilation of the smartest pro plays so far. The smartest moves, HE grenades, flashbangs, smoke grenades, team strats or plays in general. We hope you enjoy this TOTAL CS:GO episode!

CSGO: killing with funny moments

The most funny moments in big CS:GO montage compilation. Forsaken, Niko, S1mple, Tarik, Fer, Device, Zeus, Coldzera, Fallen, Stewie2k and many more with their funny highlights.