Three cars vs one guy: How will he survive?

How can a soldier survive to a triple car attack? That’s the question we answer in this PUBG funny moments compilation! Enjoy with the best PUBG videos here. PUBG news, streams, players and teams, updates, epic images, and much more!


WTF vehicle moments: move faster and have fun!

Why vehicles are basic in PUBG? To move faster & to have fun! Motorcycle is the fastest vehicle… But be careful… You can fly, or make someone else fly.

PUBG snow map & the best funny moments

PUBG’s snow map, Vikendi, is live now. It’s an interesting one, sitting in the mid-size territory between the smaller Sanhok and larger Erangel maps

How to kill yourself with a grenade…

In Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds everyone wants to kill you. But what if you were your own worst enemy?We will teach you how to throw a grenade!

Girls vs men: the most epic PUBG battle

Female gamers are pretty good at PUBG. That’s the reason why we have produced this Total PUGB show. Check this new episode of Nextplayground.