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MMO top experience. PUBG videos, highlights and funny moments.

MMO top experience. Playerunknown’s battlegrounds highlights and funny moments. These is what you will finde here. 100 players parachute onto an island. The last one alive wins. An original idea executed in an original fashion. The war has started!


WTF vehicle moments: move faster and have fun!

Why vehicles are basic in PUBG? To move faster & to have fun! Motorcycle is the fastest vehicle… But be careful… You can fly, or make someone else fly. Enjoy with the most hilarious PUBG vehicle highlights!


PUBG snow map & the best funny moments

PUBG’s snow map, Vikendi, is live now. It’s an interesting one, sitting in the mid-size territory between the smaller Sanhok and larger Erangel maps

How to kill yourself with a grenade…

In Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds everyone wants to kill you. But what if you were your own worst enemy?We will teach you how to throw a grenade!

Three cars vs one guy: How will he survive?

How a soldier can survive to a triple car attack? That’s the question we answer in this PUBG funny moments compilation! Enjoy with the best PUBG videos here

Girls vs men: the most epic PUBG battle

Female gamers are pretty good at PUBG. That’s the reason why we have produced this Total PUGB show. Check this new episode of Nextplayground.

The PUBG most epic female gamer: Who will win?

He we go with anoter Total PUBG show! Today we compare the skills of a female player with some funny moments and WTF moments experienced by men.

PUBG funny moments broadcasters: the best funny kills

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PUBG: the place where memes find their favorite country

Out of PUBG’s fascinating cross-section of glitches, grenades, and gunplay comes some of the best memes that the gaming world has ever seen.

An astonishing Fist PUBG fight: who is the best killer?

When you do not have a weapon you have to know how to use those fists. This episode of NPG TOTAL PUBG looks a lot like Fight Club.

The chameleon strategy: waiting while your mates die

Sometimes at PUBG you don’t need to take part in the battle. Just hide and wait to win… That’s worldwide well known as the chameleon strategy!

When a window turns into your worst enemy in PUBG

If you are a PUBG beginner… Listen to our advice! You have to pay attention to the environment. Sometimes a window can be deadly…

To kill is your only priority; no matters the way or weapon

With best snipers, assault rifle and even without fire weapon: most important thing in PUBG is to finish with all your enemies. At last, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” matters

PUBG safe and sound: watch always out about cars…

The vehicles in battlegrounds are vitally important to map movement, largely because of how far apart players are often placed. But, if you want to be safe, better watch out for cars!

Explosions, grenades…the most hilarious compilation

How much you can laugh at funny and ridiculous moments of PUBG? NextPlayground brings you the most hilarious moments in battlegrounds

Can you drive a motorcycle while shooting? See this

Not all games can be perfect. That’s impossible even for the best PUBG players. So if you can’t win, at least try to laught at it and don’t get you down! Best funny moments

Chicken dinner masters! Best PUBG kills and tactics

Precision is the difference between a butcher and surgeon. And all this gamers and their characters are lethal butchers but with the stunning precision of a surgeon

PUBG funny moments: don’t try to hide, or you will die

You may usually think that you have found a great hiding place in PUBG, but then you get killed…there are always snipers who will find you, and kill you, obviously.

Punch masters are PUBG kings…do you agree?

Vehicle pursuits and mortal fights without weapons protagonise some of the funniest moments in battlegrounds, aren’t they? Better to know how to punch to avoid a crappy death

PUBG: drive fast but drive well or you will get killed

Combined with its light weight, motorcycle is an extremely fuel efficient vehicle that can prove useful for much of the PUBG game. But make sure of you are gonna drive well or…