Best one shots in LOL! Welcome to the skill land!

Briac Agresti-BiagiTotal Lol

Not all LOL characters can defeat their enemies by an explosive attack, but the right League of Legends champion with a good gamer can deliver best one shots!


SK T1 vs G2 Esports: LOL masters versus new generation

SK T1 is the only team to have won 3 LOL World titles. But now, there is another big fish in the club. G2 Esports wants to became a legendary LOL squad!

Best pentakills: Beating five champions in a row!

You can do a good game in League of Legends, but next step is to kill your five opponents. NextPlayground brings you the best pentakills!

LOL epic fails: cause League of Legends is not easy…

Competition is very important in MMO games, mostly if you are playing a top level. But LOL champions also have funny moments and fails…we show it to you!

You against the world: Top best 1 vs 5 in LOL

LOL is a team game and is important to know how to play collectively,but there are hard moments when you have to deal with the whole map…alone.