Lol characters fighting

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the best MOBA games. Enjoy with LOL epic moments.

League of Legends is a MOBA competitive fantasy-themed. It is the world’s most popular PC game.
LoL features an ever-expanding pool of playable champions. In Total LOL you’ll find fun at all skill


SK T1 vs G2 Esports: LOL masters versus new generation

SK T1 is the only team to have won 3 LOL World titles. But now, there is another big fish in the club. G2 Esports wants to became a legendary LOL squad!


Best pentakills: Beating five champions in a row!

You can do a good game in League of Legends, but next step is to kill your five opponents. NextPlayground brings you the best pentakills!

Best one shots in LOL! Welcome to the skill land!

Not all LOL characters can defeat their enemies by an explosive attack, but the right LOL champion with a good gamer can deliver best one shots!

LOL epic fails: cause League of Legends is not easy…

Competition is very important in MMO games, mostly if you are playing a top level. But LOL champions also have funny moments and fails…we show it to you!

You against the world: Top best 1 vs 5 in LOL

LOL is a team game and is important to know how to play collectively,but there are hard moments when you have to deal with the whole map…alone.

How to become the total champion

We show you the best battles in order to become you a great LOL champion. If your team doesn’t follow you, get rid of them and get a pentakill master.

Fail of Legends: best and crappiest LOL moments

Not all the games can be perfect. That’s impossible even for the best LOL players. So if you can’t win, at least try to laught at it and don’t get you down!

League of Legends champions also can funnily fail

You can have a great day and hit with a ridiculous pentakill in League of Legends…but you can also have a bad, bad day and become the laughingstock

Top League of Legends fights for survival…alone

You can have a great day and hit with a ridiculous pentakill in League of Legends…but you can also have a bad, bad day and become the laughingstock

Pentakills, next level in League of Legends abilities

NextPlayground brings you total pentakill masters and best League of Legends battles; don’t miss a thing and try to do the same at home!

One LOL champion, one shot and too much death

The best League of Legends champion will defeat their enemies in one shot if you know how to deal with it…and this LOL gamers definitely know how to do it!

League of Legends: the compilation of survival

Take a look and learn how to survive alone in LOL: It’s not how much time you have, it’s how you use it. Beat all your enemies in a row is not for everyone

The League of Legends home of the butchers

Precision is the difference between a butcher and surgeon. And all this gamers and their champions are lethal butchers but with the stunning precision.

Funnyland: the best fails in League of Legends

Die with fear in your heart, or live with blood on your hands. But, above everything, play with a smile in your face, because LOL was though to entertian!

One love, one life, one shot: best of LOL

Your legacy shall drift away, blown into eternity, like the sands of the desert. Take best League of Legends champions to defeat your enemies in one shot!

Best League of Legends champions against the world

Don’t die yet, that was a warning shot. Defeat all your enemies in a row is allowed to every players in LOL…so try to be one of those who really can

League of Legends pentakill: a real and nice art

The thought of real killers of LOL is very clear: First destroy, then improve. Look how to get a great pentakill and make all your opponents shut up

Laughs of Legends: funniest moments in LOL

“Let’s make this fun.” LOL champions know it: LOL is not only about kill and try to be the most powerful assassin, you can also have a funny time

One shot rules, LOL lethal hits best compilation

NextPlayground brings you total one shot masters and best LOL battles. Cost of your life is one arrow, so be careful and try to avoid the lethal hits

Masters of LOL cruelty, no chances to beat them

Look how to get a great pentakill and become and renowned champion: “This will be a slaughter.” You will finde best of League of Legends in NextPlayground

Kill or run, but not hide: best LOL plays

“I am the blade in the darkness.” Don’t miss how this gamers defeat their enemies with cruelty and no doubts: best League of Legends pentakills are here

Not laugh is not an option in League of Legends

NextPlayground shows you funniest and crappiest moments in LOL plays: above everything, play with a smile in your face and a fail in your screen