Yellow racing car


Real life cars vs racing video games.

Real life cars vs motor video games. Racerz is a TV show which mixes reality and virtual world. Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport, Wreckfest, Dirt, and Asphalt are here with the rest of motor car racing games.


NASCAR Heat 3 vs real NASCAR highlights!

NASCAR Heat 3 is a racing video game simulating the NASCAR Cup Series and feeder competitions. We need your help to decide what’s best: the real NASCAR images or the video game!


Drive club vs Real life: Ferrari and Lambo simulator

Maybe you can’t afford a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Almost nobody can. But you are able to join Drive Club, racing game and try to drive these sportive cars!

Gran Turismo vs Real GT: running in main circuits

With Gran Turismo racing game, you can drive some of the most equipped and powerful cars that compete in main world circuits…and it’s not far from real.

Forza 7 vs Reality: Dreaming of luxury and speed

There are a lot of sportive cars and supercars which with we can’t do anything but dream…or play. Forza 7 let us to feel the luxury and speed sensation.

F1 2017 vs F1: Fastest racing car and game

F1 cars are the fastest vehicles in the world. Its driving game has got bring this sensation to our world and we can live it…hoy much real it is for you?

WRC7 vs WRC: Virtual drift vs Real dust

The World Rally Championship is one of most spectaculars racing competition, and World Rally Championship 7, one of best racing games…what do you prefer?