WoW Classic : A playable demo for BlizzCon 2018 !

Sep 28, 2018

BlizzCon 2018

Every year at the beginning of November, the BlizzCon (the Blizzard community convention) is an opportunity to discover the current and future projects of the developer. The BlizzCon 2018 should not deviate from the rule, promises some new announcements and Blizzard says that a playable demo of WOW Classic will be playable.

Convention attendees at the Anaheim Convention Center in California will be able to (re) discover the original version of World of Warcraft and survey “two low-level zones”, one for the Horde and the other for Alliance.


Virtual Tix

Buyers of a virtual ticket for the BlizzCon 2018 (which traditionally allows you to follow the convention online without traveling to California, with its conferences or closing concert, while enjoying the digital goodies of the convention) will also be able to download this same WOW Classic demo and test it from home.

The  development of WOW Classic is progressing – to the point of being sufficiently developed to the taste of Blizzard to begin to reveal itself concretely with the players.