World of Warcraft : Doubles Viewership on Twitch in 2018 With Battle for Azeroth

Jan 4, 2019

Battel for Azeroth

This fall Blizzard Entertainement have relaeased Battle for Azeroth expansion for World Of Warcraft. Following the expansion’s release, Blizzard Entertainment saw roughly 20% year-over-year revenue growth for it’s Q3 earning, and the newly introduced content struck a similar chord on Twitch.

Viewership for the title was stagnant for most of the year, but as soon as the game’s seventh expansion released on Aug. 14, personality streams for the game exploded. 


The Battle for Azeroth expansion helped WoW double its hours watched total in 2018 to 211.47M, up from 105.13M in 2017. The release date for the new expansion resulted in the game’s highest hours watched total in the two-year span with 6.93M. The highest hours watched total in 2017 was just 1.02M on Nov. 11. WoW eclipsed that mark on Twitch more than a dozen times in the month of September alone in 2018.

The Arena World Championship or the Mythic Dungeon Invitational were the most-watched streaming sessions of the year for WoW by sheer total hours watched, the player-vs-player tournament drew the game’s highest average concurrent viewership of the year with 74.31K.

Competitive gaming accounted for seven of WoW’s top 10 most-watched sessions of the year.

Key numbers

  • Total Hours Watched in 2018: 211.47M.
  • Total Hours Watched in 2017: 105.13M.
  • Most-Watched Day: Aug. 14 for Battle for Azeroth’s release with 6.93M.
  • Peak CCV: 167.22K Sept. 19 (Sco from Method).
  • Most-Watched Channel: “Asmongold” with 19.59M hours watched.
  • Most-Watched Esports Channel: Official Warcraft channel with 10.12M.