Nintendo launches a competitive Splatoon 2 website for tournaments and tips

Jan 9, 2019

Attention all Inklings and Octolings looking to prove themselves on the global stage—Nintendo might have something Splatoon 2-related just for you.

Whether you’re starting the game for the first time or a seasoned veteran that has reached the best rank, Nintendo is launching a brand new website to help you find a competitive team and take part in future tournaments hosted by the company.

Currently, the website is only open to those in Europe with no U.S. version at this time, however. Players can also learn strategic tips about the game on the website.

Nintendo has been making huge strides around the world with Splatoon 2 to try and make it as competitive as possible. The company partnered with the Japanese professional baseball scene to create an esports league last year and is currently preparing for the EU championship finals.

The first tournament hosted by Nintendo’s new EU website begins on Jan. 13, however, and you can sign up for it right now.