Magic The Gathering : the players go crazy when they discover a Black Lotus !

Jul 24, 2018

Before Magic Arena…

The Black Lotus is certainly one of the most valuable and rare cards (but especially one of the most expensive) of the game Magic The Gathering. So what was the surprise of the players when they saw this famous card on the table. It was a very special moment for fans, as you can see on the video below, posted on ChannelFireball’s Twitter account. These players were so excited about this card, especially because they are original decks, dating back to 1993, that were used during this tournament.

Magic: The Gathering is a card game invented in 1993 by Richard Garfield in which there are no less than 17,000 different cards to collect. It is the ancestor of Hearthstone or Slay The Spire. The game is also available online with Magic Arena that we warmly advise you to try.

And you Magic players, what is the craziest booster you have opened?