Clash Royale : more on League’s First Season and Tokyo Finals

Dec 5, 2018

25 million players

The Clash Royale  League’s debut season culminated Saturday at its World Finals in Tokyo. From an open starting competition that included 25 million players to smartphone-friendly portrait-oriented streams in North America and Europe, the Clash Royale League presented itself as the first large-scale mobile esport that didn’t simply follow the PC/console playbook.

Tim Ebner, head of esports : “We’ve had high viewership for esports activities, including the London event [the Clash Royale Crown Championship World Finals] last year, in Japan. It just speaks to the strength of the competitive community here, and we wanted to reward that and embrace that. It’s a difficult market for Western game companies, and maybe that’s an angle that can help us be successful here in Japan.”
“Esports is relatively new in Japan. One reason it’s attractive to us is that it’s kind of new. China and Korea have had lots of events, and we could do that—but we like the idea of doing something here where it’s less common.”



About casual and pro gaming :

“We feel quite good. We started with this vision of making it possible for any player of our game to find their way onto a pro team, so we had this Clash Royale League Challenge with 25 million entries. That was a good start. We made some big changes—call them improvements—this year. We added the team format for the first time, and added 2v2 into official competitions for the first time. We did some experimenting creatively; broadcasting in portrait, for example, in North America and Europe. It’s hard to say exactly which of those is driving results, but all told, we have more viewers that we ever have. We’re definitely happy with that. Average watch times are up.”

“We’re really happy with this year. Viewership and engagement are higher than ever. This event is looking quite strong. So, more—but the actual details are not revealed yet.”

And you then, still fans of Clash Royale?