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King of Esports is the game house for esports, where players, teams and coaches live. In this TV show we talk about professional gamers. The people who turned gaming into a worldwide phenomenon. Best pro gamers & esports teams. Top gaming coaches. Everyone is here.


Liquid: the e-sport Money Team

60 athletes… Top-level teams competing in 14 worldwide games… This is what Team Liquid creates: pure e-sport passion. You know what? Liquid has won the most prize money in e-sports history! Discover more about it!


Ocelote: the Million Dollar Gaming tale

Kings of Esport is the place of Esports teams and players, but coaches and team managers have also their piece of land. Ocelote is a real Esports legend.

Cloud 9: the story of an Esports elite squad

Cloud9 has grown into one of the largest esports organizations in the world, gaining thousands of followers across social media daily. Cloud9… A worldwide leader!

Team Rogue: the music Esports squad

Team Rogue was created as an Overwatch team. Dj Steve Aoki became the majority Rogue shareholder, allowing the team to expand into other videogames.

Daxe: the FIFA prodigy who leads PSG

PSG Esports launched its policy of young talented players with the signing of highly skilled rookie Daxe, considered a rising star of FIFA. Do you think you could beat him?