Harley Quinn and the Joker are coming to PUBG

Briac Agresti-BiagiEsports Weekly

Harley Quinn and the joker in PUBG

The two characters of the renowned ‘Suicide Squad’ will be joining PUBG soon; not the only good new for PUBG fans: the game seems like come to PS4


Overwatch Storm Rising Archives is now live

Overwatch’s Archives event has returned with a new mode named Storm Rising. The PvE mode sees Tracer, Genji, Winston, and Mercy travel to Cuba

FC Barcelona creates a Rocket League team!

FC Barcelona takes another step forward in eSports with the creation of a Rocket League team! Barça will compete in the most important competitons

$50 million arena to play Overwatch in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Fusion of the Overwatch League has announced that it will take up residence in the first purpose-built esports arena

Apex Legends season one Battle Pass is now live!

This week we want to announce that Baptiste is live on Overwatch! Apart from that, Apex Legends season one Battle Pass is also live. If we talk about sport