The renowned WOW gaming life behind a wheelchair

Mats playing video games
Mats playing video games

From a traditional point of view, gamers are usually seen like a people with less social life than others who frequents bars, clubs or spend a lot of time outdoors. But that vision started to change and now esports is a rising industry which involve millions of people. Some games has huge universes behind the screen, where players interact and bring their relationships out of the game at last.

Mats knew it very well before pass away. A disable affected him when he was only a child, and the PC, Internet and gaming became a new world for him. The Norwegian guy spent many hours everyday in World of Warcraft and developed beautiful relationship with people that met there. But Mats parents didn’t even know it.

Mats died in 2014 and their parents celebrated his funeral in a chapel at the Norwegian capital’s Western Cemetery. Between friends and relatives, there was a group of people the family didn’t know. They were gamers from World of Warcraft who had met. Mats’s parents got realized that his son was known as a renowned gamer in Norway but also in other European countries.

This is an amazing story from parents about their son who suffered from a rare degenerative muscular disorder. They discovered that Mats had lived a full life through video games. He made friends all over Europe in the process, rather than being confined to an isolated existence due to his medical condition.

“There my handicap doesn’t matter, my chains are broken and I can be whoever I want to be. In there I feel normal.”, Mats wrote in a personal blog about his gaming life.

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