Rainbow Six Siege implements team kill validation system

Ubisoft is rolling out a new team kill validation system on the Rainbow Six Technical Test Server.

The system allows players to either forgive the team killing player, or punish them, which has traditionally resulted in a ban on the team killer’s account. With this new validation system, players who choose to punish offenders will cause the Reverse Friendly Fire system to activate.

Reverse Friendly Fire is a system that actively transfers the offending player’s damage output onto themselves, instead of hurting the innocent player. To break it down a bit more, a player that has previously been validated for malicious actions will only be hurting themselves if they attempt to harm another player.

Team kills as a way to make streams

The politics of team killing are surprisingly complex, with YouTube personalities that are sponsored by Ubisoft using team kills as a way to make streams and uploads a bit more comical. This proposed change could strike a happy medium between all player bases, however, by giving players more control in how they play, and how they deal with team killing. In the coming weeks, we will see what the community thinks of the proposed changes.

While we see less of this behavior in Pro League, it is important to note what this change in the Test Server marks for Siege in the long run. Most significantly, the implementation of this new system shows that Ubisoft is now fully committed to the R6 community, both Pro and general player base.

We’ll see how Ubisoft deals with the feedback after the aforementioned TTS period comes to a close. Either way, this is a big sign of even bigger things to come for both the Pro scene, as well as the general player base.

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