PUBG celebrates 2-year anniversary with a free in-game baseball hat

PUBG free in-game baseball hat
PUBG free in-game baseball hat
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds turned two years old yesterday and PUBG Corp. wants to remind you that the game still exists by releasing a new in-game item that’s free for all players.
The item isn’t really anything fantastic, and chances are your character won’t be wearing it for that long anyway when you do enter the battlefield unless you’re doing a helmetless game —it’s just a single baseball cap with the number two on it.
To unlock the item, players will need to log into the game between April 9 and May 7 on console, or from March 27 to April 24 on PC, to pick it up for free via the in-game store.

PUBG players who stuck with the game over the past two years do have a lot to look forward to in the coming year, though. The developers are working tirelessly to improve the game’s first map, Erangel, by increasing and improving loot around the map, as well as improving the overall look to bring it to current map standards.

The changes are already available to try now on the test servers, and PUBG Corp. hopes that more players will give feedback on new aspects to improve.

PUBG Corp. also ended its second anniversary celebrations by thanking the fans for their support over the years. Fans will probably hope that the third anniversary gift is a bit more spectacular, though.

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