$50M Overwatch stadium to be built in Philadelphia

Overwatch League esport arena
Overwatch League esport arena
Overwatch League’s Philadelphia Fusion  $50 million esports arena.

The Overwatch League’s Philadelphia Fusion will build a $50 million esports arena to host its matches and make Blizzard events.


The Overwatch stadium is expected to be playing in the new building by early 2021.

The 3.500 Overwatch seat arena will be notable as it’s the first dedicated stadium for esports in the Western Hemisphere. Comcast, which owns the Philadelphia Fusion, plans to break ground on the 47-acre site this summer. The Overwatch league stadium will be located in the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, which is already home to the city’s NFLNBANHL, and NCAA teams.

The $50 million project is a testament to the surging popularity of esports, in which players compete in video games before large crowds. The company plans to break ground this summer on part of the 47-acre stadium complex site that Comcast Spectacor leases in South Philadelphia.

The 3.500-seat arena will rise on a parking lot, next to Xfinity Live! and within walking distance of the Linc, Citizens Bank Park, and the Wells Fargo Center.

Overwatch training facility
Overwatch training facility

Also a gaming training facility


Inside, the stadium will include a 10.000-square-foot training facility, two balcony bars, a broadcast studio and premium seating that could be used for Blizzard events like concerts and corporate events.

When the Fusion aren’t using the arena, it’ll double as a venue for other live events.


The Overwatch League regular season begins in February and lasts through August, with playoffs and championship games in September, so there will be plenty of the year when the building is otherwise vacant.

Overwatch players are expected to be on the road in 2020, with all teams playing in their home cities. At present, all Overwatch teams continue to flock to Los Angeles’ Blizzard Arena to play their games.

“Fusion Arena gives esports fans a best-in-class venue to call home and be proud of. Beyond competitive gaming, it’s a stunning facility that will host a wide array of events”, said Dave Scott, chairman and CEO of Comcast Spectacor.

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