Xbox Scarlett: what we know about Microsoft’s next console

Microsoft’s new console plans have been revealed as the next-generation Xbox console platform, Scarlett, during its Xbox E3 2019 press conference.

It’s scheduled to launch in Holiday 2020, and while Microsoft didn’t show off the physical system or share any details about the console’s final name, price, or specific release date, the company did speak at a high level about the system and outline some of its specifications and capabilities.

Microsoft is promising its next console will have 8K supportSSD storage, and ray-tracing graphics. Scarlett will also support existing Xbox One gamescontrollers, and accessories. Microsoft is also planning to keep the optical disc drive, and support four generations of Xbox games through backward compatibility.

More details

Microsoft explains more: “With Project Scarlett, we continue our commitment to compatibility by ensuring your gaming accessories and Xbox career will also move forward with you, along with thousands of games across four console generations which will look and play best on Project Scarlett”.

Hopefully Sony will follow suit with the PS5, because we don’t fancy shelling out even more money for spare controllers.

There are already plenty of similarities with the PS5, including 8K support and ray-tracing technology.

According to an analysis by Digital Foundry, it seems like hardware-accelerated ray tracing, which greatly improves lighting, will be the defining feature of the console.

To do this, Microsoft probably needs a separate chip because AMD currently does not support this on PC. Even the PS5 reveal didn’t say hardware-accelerated ray tracing was a capability of the system.

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