Nintendo Switch Lite: Release date, price, pre-orders and everything you need to know

Nintendo will introduce a new Switch console this September: the Nintendo Switch Lite.

It is designed to be a more affordable, handheld-only alternative to the existing Nintendo Switch, but play all the same games.

Here is everything you need to know about the Switch Lite, including price, release date, specifications and more.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is an addition to the Switch range, to complement rather than replace the existing console.

It is cheaper, smaller and handheld-only, which means it will not plug into a dock or connect to a TV.

As well as size, the main difference between the Switch Lite and main model is that its Joy-Con controllers are attached to the sides. They cannot be removed, nor used as motion controllers or separate mini-gamepads.

That means not every Switch game will work on the new console. Most will, but only those that work in handheld mode and do not primarily rely on motion control (such as 1-2-Switch).

You also cannot use the Switch Lite display with a kickstand for multiple players to crowd around when out and about. Indeed, it doesn’t even come with a kickstand.

Instead, the new console is seen as a fun and simple handheld gaming machine to effectively replace the 3DS/2DS, yet with 720p graphics and the ability to play the latest games.

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