FIFA 20 Volta: New features & tips to be successful at the new street game mode

FIFA 20 Volta: New features & tips to be successful at the new street game mode

The build up to the release of FIFA 20 is in full flow, with the new game mode Volta Football one of the hottest topics up for discussion.

As it is brand new for FIFA 20, every player will go in equal, but thankfully, there are a whole load of tips out there as to how to be successful at the mode when FIFA drops in September.

RealSport dissected a stream from FIFA influencer ChuBoi to see what you will need for Volta this year.


With basic controls, there are not really many differences between playing a regular game of FIFA, or a game on Volta. However, there is one key difference.

If you hold in the triggers whilst you move, your player will perform a skill move. This was seen in FIFA three or four years ago.

These skill moves aren’t just random either. There is a whole range of moves which all have their own unique controls.

For instance, so long as your player has a minimum of 4* skill moves, holding down R3/RS will perform a flick, with the flicks differentiating depending on the direction you hold your analog stick.

Use the walls

Another key aspect of VOLTA which you need to use to your advantage is the walls. The walls on the cage work extremely well for players who want to play the ball around an opposition player, FIFA Street esque.

So whilst direct passes to your teammates are still available, those indirect passes off the wall will also be very handy when keeping possession.

This isn’t just useful for ground passes either. You can use lofted passes as well.

But you need to be wise when you select which wall you’re going to play off. The bottom wall is relatively soft, so the ball doesn’t bounce that much. The top wall however is much harder, so playing off that will make the ball ping across the cage.

There is also the option for most stadiums to select whether or not walls can be used in the game.

Taunt your opponent

Now this isn’t something which is going to help you win your matches, but it’s sure to rile your opponent.

There is a whole range of taunts available in Volta. Stand by the ball and press L1/LT or R2/RB and your player will choose a random taunt to perform in front of your opposition.

There is over 20 in the game, from dance moves to sarcastic applause and everything in-between. This is a cool feature which is sure to trigger your opponent.


Like with the taunts, there is also a whole load of new goal celebrations that have been designed specifically for Volta.

Again these are randomly selected by pressing the random celebration controls you would use in 11v11, you can however run up to and celebrate off the cage, that’s pretty cool.

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