Apex Legends earned EA $92 million in February

Apex legends characters
Apex legends characters

Apex Legends wasn’t just a big hit for EA, it was the biggest free-to-play game launch of all time, according to a new report by market research firm Superdata.

 The company estimates that Apex Legends pulled in a whopping $92 million in February across all platforms, making it one of the top-ten grossing games for month. Most of the Apex money was made on consoles, not PC, but it wasn’t quite enough to push it past Fortnite on either PC or console.

In terms of February’s top grossing PC titles, Apex Legends took the number slot, which is just below Fortnite. The number one spot went to Dungeon Fighter Online, with League of Legends following close behind at number 2.

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Huge impact

 Apex Legends was a surprise release on Feb. 4, with Respawn Entertainment officially unveiling the game only 15 minutes before it went live. However, the company’s gamble on reportedly paying Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek $1 million each for their sponsored streams and social posts appears to have paid off.

Respawn reported more than 10 million players within the first three days of launch and more than 50 million after the first month. Apex Legends is free to play but has revenue streams via the game’s virtual coin currency, which allows players to purchase Apex Packs and add new cosmetic items.

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