Faze Clan: Rainbow Six joga bonito

FaZe Clan organization decided to invest in R6… And in January 2018 acquired Team Fontt, the Brazilian champions. This is the story of a Rainbow Six squad!

How to reack CS:GO global rank?

How to get better at CS:GO as fast as possible. NPG is going to be showing you some new and fast tips to get better at CS:GO and reach global rank

When players go mad of funny moments

When players are mad in CS:GO! Stream Highlights, Funny Moments, Epic Clutch, Pro Plays, rage compilation! Leave a like and and follow our compilation!

Pro moments: the CS:GO masters

A compilation of lucky and unlucky pro moments – hitting an awp shot but being unlucky and leaving your enemy on 1hp or calculate the perfect headshot

Best pro plays: the CS:GO skills land

A compilation of the best PRO plays from the recent tournaments What do you think about the highlights? Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below!

Funny snipers: the CS:GO epic party

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The Division fails: non stop laughing

If you have played or watched gameplay of Tom Clancy’s – The Division, you know that there are things to love, and things to hate. Here we go with some fails that we hope you will enjoy!